Silicon Valley Expansion Now Live for Defiance

Silicon Valley - Defiance

Defiance, which is Free To Play on PC and soon to be for 360 and PS3, has received its first piece of map expanding content.

Called Silicon Valley, Karl Von Bach and his followers have taken over the area and are up to something. It’s your job to find out what and stop them. Though their intentions are shrouded in mystery – it’s highly unlikely KVB is just breeding pretty rabbits. Also the press release states Ark Hunters are the only ones who can prevent its impending doom.

With the new area comes new missions, events, synergies, outfits, a new game feature called ‘Encryption’ and a higher max EGO level.

Here are the details from the press release:

  • Silicon Valley – Explore the vast new expanse of the Valley, from the eerie edge of Pacifica to the cultist temples guarding key areas of interest on either side of the buckled San Andreas Fault!
  • New Missions: The Guiding Light – Dive deep into five new missions to discover the perils of Silicon Valley and the cult that calls it home. Are the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light simply a New Earth oddity, or do they hold a sinister purpose?
  • New Dynamic Events: Invasions – The Grid are using converted 99ers to erect Evangel devices across the zone. These constructs, if left unchecked, will turn its key areas into hives of Grid activity. Can you stop the Grid before they conquer the valley?
  • New Synergies and Outfits: Corporate Espionage – Themed after the works of     William Gibson, the Corporate Espionage Lock Boxes contain vanity outfits and headgear as well as weapons and shields loaded with three new synergies, each suited to specific uses. Corporate Espionage Lock Boxes will be available on all lock box vendors in-game for a limited time before becoming Defiance Store exclusives!
  • New Feature: Encryption – Certain advanced weapons and shields will now drop with the Encrypted trait, which confers a 3% bonus to damage or capacity. Additionally, when the Salvage Matrix is used to increase the rarity level of a shield or weapon, it will become Encrypted. This can only happen once; the Salvage Matrix will not be able to increase the rarity level of items that are already Encrypted.
  • EGO Rating Cap: 5900 – EGO rating has been increased to a maximum of 5900, which is possible to achieve without completing all Pursuits. Fear not: when the max rating is increased again, any additional points you’ve earned will automatically be added to your rating!

Along with this information we have some images and a video to follow.

Defiance is available for PC, 360 and PS3.

Silicon Valley Gallery Image 1Silicon Valley Gallery Image 2Silicon Valley Gallery Image 3Silicon Valley Gallery Image 4Silicon Valley Gallery Image 5Silicon Valley Gallery Image 6Silicon Valley Gallery Image 7Silicon Valley Gallery Image 8Silicon Valley Gallery Image 9Silicon Valley Gallery Image 10

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