Minecraft Lego… MINECRAFT LEGO!!


First outed by Brick Fan, this is the best thing since sliced Minecraft bread.

Good news for fans of Minecraft, just news for fans of Lego – which is everyone, and for fans of Minecraft and Lego, well they’re losing their shit.

Minecraft Lego is already available, but only in miniature form. The new sets however will be full size.

Currently there are two sets on Hamley’s website, The Cave priced at £20 and The Farm priced at £25. No release has been stated, and they are both listed as ‘out of stock’.

There will also be a few more lines added in the future, announced so far – The First Night (which includes a Creeper), The Mine and The Ender Dragon, containing a figure of the game’s final boss.

Minecraft is available on PC, PS3 (retail / download), 360 and Android. It will also be coming to PS4, Vita and Xbox One in the near future.

For more information, head over to Eurogamer.

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