Minorama Mincraft Event – Cancelled, No Refunds

Minecraft - Minorama Scam

The Minecraft event was cancelled a mere four days before it was meant to take place. A message was posted to twitter explaining:

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that @mineorama has been postponed, stay tuned for updates. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A SCAM

That’s an alarm bell right there. Non scams rarely feel the need to shout ‘we are not a scam at you’.

A day later, one of the orginisers, Lou Gasco took to twitter adding:

financing fell through and information on refunds would be posted soon.

Lou’s twitter account has now been deleted and no refunds have been issued for the $150 tickets. The minorama website is also no longer, and that twitter accound hijacked. The facebook page hasn’t had an update since 8th July.

Kotaku got in touch with another organiser, Timothy Carroll, who said “No comment”. A few people have managed to get refunds through their bank, but the minorama people are completely AWOL.

For more information, head over to VG24/7.

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