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Another gaming blog. True, but it’s not just another gaming blog. It’s been scientifically proven to be the best.

In a controlled laboratory study, 108 out of 100 people said Thrusting Sticks tasted better than the other leading brands.

Here’s a snippet of what’s in store:

Thrusting Sticks - Get off my blog

Woah! Wait, don’t mind him! You are perfectly welcome. For some reason I turn into a dick when I’m illustrated.

So, yeah, this is THRUSTING STICKS, my weekly game blog in keeping with my phallic web theme. I hope to update it with a variety of content; animations, reviews, critical discourse – any medium, so long as it looks at gaming from a fresh and colourful perspective.

This multi-medium approach is inspired by games themselves. I think people incorrectly think of video games as one cohesive ‘medium’, neatly slotting alongside films, novels and music in your categorical mindspace. I don’t think games are just a medium, I think they are a digitisation of all mediums – a unification of previously separate art forms through computer code.

In short: computer games are a digital synergy of all the methods we have been utilising to capture and share our subjective experiences since the first fucking cave paintings 30,000 years ago. So far we have used this bounty of riches to mostly simulate men shooting each other in browny-grey wastelands. We have done this to such an extent, that when games come along which try and do something different, the community responds by claiming that they are not games at all.

So, here’s an idea: EVERYTHING IS A GAME. Now let’s shut up and play some novels. I mean, read a film. Oh, whatever.

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