Ghosts’s Invasion DLC Revealed with Three Videos

Activision has released some details for the upcoming Call of Duty Ghosts’s DLC – Invasion.

The new content will add four online maps:

  • Departed – A medium-sized map set in rural Mexico during the Day of the Dead festival.
  • Pharaoh – A map set in an abandoned archaeological site in Egypt.
  • Mutiny – A map set in the Caribbean.
  • Favela – From Modern Warfare 2, Favela will be making an updated return.

It will also add Awakening to extinction mode. In which:

The team descends into the perilous alien underworld to strike at the subterranean fortress of the Ancestors – the mysterious puppet-masters behind the Cryptid invasion.

Check below for the videos. One details the DLC as a whole and the other two each focus on a map – Pharaoh and Mutiny.

It will be launching on the 3rd of June for Xbox One, other platforms to follow.

For more information, head over to vg24/7.