EA Unveils Battlefield Hardline

The next game in the Battlefield series is taking a different approach. Though themed on war, it’s the war against crime which players will be raging.

The single player follows a young Miami detective and the struggles he will face dealing with corruption. It will be developed by Visceral, the makers of Dead Space, but there is no mention whether they or DICE are handling the online component.

As for online, we know of 4 modes so far:

  • Heist mode – Robbers are tasked with entering the vault and making off with the loot.
  • Rescue mode – SWAT have to save hostages from robbers.
  • Hotwire mode – Cops chase car thieves.
  • Bloodmoney mode – Cops and robbers fight over a stack of cash.

The game is expected to launch for both past and present gen platforms and will be shown at EA’s e3 press conference on the 9th of June.

The official website for Battlefield Hardline is live, but only shows the same picture as above and the information regarding the press conference.

For more information, head over to Eurogamer.