E3 – Gravity Crash Ultra Coming to Vita in July

Gravity Crash Ultra

Gravity Crash Ultra, a Vita reworking of Gravity Crash which originally released on PS3 in 2009, will be appearing as a digital download only this July.

Just Add Water has said the new title will feature a much improved graphics engine to allow it to run at Vita’s native resolution at 60fps. It will also have improved textures, lighting, particles and a streamlined GUI making use of the touchscreen. The level editor will also be making a return.

Here are the main changes as stated in the press release:

•    60 FPS, native resolution gameplay
•    New improved graphics renderer
•    Particles “turned up to 11”, meaning bigger guns, bigger explosions
•    Improved weapons VFX
•    Improved landscape and lighting effects
•    Better visual effects
•    Improved radar
•    New logo to reflect the new title
•    New GUI graphics
•    New “anti-grav” space ship
•    Three ships used to give difficulty levels
•    Mission notification system improved
•    Better audio throughout the game
•    Remixed soundtrack by CoLDSToRAGE
•    New pickup voice-over
•    Create & share levels with the PS3 version

Check below for some images and a video.

GCU Gallery Image 1GCU Gallery Image 2GCU Gallery Image 3GCU Gallery Image 4GCU Gallery Image 5GCU Gallery Image 6