E3 2014: 10th – 12th of June

Taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center it is the biggest event in the gaming calender.

Attended by almost all major developers and publishers there’s a massive influx of new information about existing and future titles.

So far we know Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft are holding their press conferences on Monday 9th:

  • Microsoft: US – 9:30am PDT¬† | UK – 5:30pm BST
  • EA: US – 12:00pm PDT | UK – 8:00pm BST
  • Ubisoft: US – 3:00pm PDT | UK – 11:00pm BST
  • Sony: US – 6:00pm PDT | UK – 2:00am BST (Tuesday)

Live streaming of the conferences will be here, for more information on E3 in general, head over to E3Insider.