Alien Isolation Pre-Order Trailer

Alien: Isolation

A fresh new trailer has been released for Alien: Isolation. The survival horror game that looks set to be in keeping with the feel of the film, here your main objective is to avoid ever meeting the eponymous creature.

The trailer is short but sweet, showing some of the main characters and offering up the bonuses for pre-ordering the Nostromo Edition.

Currently the Nostromo Edition is retailing at a few quid more than standard and the trailer doesn’t make it clear whether pre-ordering earns you a free upgrade to that edition. It just says:

“Pre-order now to upgrade to the Nostromo Edition”.

The trailer is new, so perhaps it will become clear over the next few days, or hopefully sooner.

However, If you do decide to pre-order you get the ability to play as Ripley, Parker or Dallas in the Crew Expendable DLC.

The game is coming out on PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One and PC on 7th of October.

Trailer below.