7 New Battlefield Hardline Screenshots

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline, the game that is Battlefield and not Battlefield at the same time has some new screenshots.

The images released today show a lot of guns, bullets, cars and general actiony-ness.

Hardline is a bit of a spin on the usual formula, centring around cops and criminals instead of warring armies with tanks and jets like the series is known for.

Promising to shake things up, the official website describes the singleplayer experience as:

Right and wrong isn’t always that clear. With a fresh new style inspired by from the most popular crime dramas seen on television today, Battlefield Hardline’s gritty story will take you through so many twists and turns, you won’t be able to wait until the next episode.

and the multiplayer as:

In multiplayer, the world is simple. You’re on one side of the law or the other — a baton or bat, stun gun or rifle, armored police truck or transport vehicle. But either way, teamwork is going to be essential if you’re going to want to pull off that perfect heist or big time bust in this new take on Battlefield multiplayer.

As to why it’s pointed out the singleplayer is straight, I’m not sure. My best guess is they meant ‘straight up tv crime drama’, or maybe ‘straight from tv crime drama’ because the game is portrayed as if it were a tv show. Whatever the reason, I assume it’s not to reassure the public there will be no same gendered shenanigans.

The game is poised for an early release next year on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and 360.

Look pictures.

Battlefield Hardline Gallery Image 1Battlefield Hardline Gallery Image 2Battlefield Hardline Gallery Image 3Battlefield Hardline Gallery Image 4Battfield Hardline Gallery Image 5Battfield Hardline Gallery Image 6


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