2014 is the Year of Growth According to Developers

Developers at the Develop in Brighton Conference

The Develop in Brighton Conference is a space where developers come together to share experiences and expertise. A new piece of research commissioned by the conference asked 750 delegates a series of questions regarding their business confidence, current projects and their potential for growth. The answers paint a bright future:

An overwhelming 91% reported to be reasonably or very optimistic about the year ahead with only 9% claiming to be not very optimistic about the future. Nearly half of the respondents, 48%, are embarking on more projects this year than at the same time last year, with 43% of the other respondents working on the same number of projects as last year.

Andy Lane, Event Director of Develop in Brighton had this to say about the research:

The survey clearly demonstrates a major upswing in confidence within the development community, with some fascinating insights into the factors that could really help the community sink or swim.

The event occurs yearly and attracts many big names in the developer community.

  For more information, head over to the Develop in Brighton Conference website.